Why the traditional education system seems to be getting worse?

The ways Indian education system is functioning is attracting a lot of criticism. While things are changing rapidly throughout the world, the Indian education system doesn’t seem to be advancing the way it should be.

The actual traditional system Vs the current one

Although the actual traditional Indian education system, including the ones like GuruKula, were believed to be quite useful in developing the morals and values of students as well as preparing them for the real world, the current education system doesn’t seem to be offering any of that.

The actual traditional system Vs the current one

The major problems

Despite this, however, the way in which the current education system in India is built and functions, is leading to a surprisingly high number of suicides among students. This is due to the fact that students are burdened with the pressure to do well in the exams, and this has led to fierce competition.

The major problems

The real and reputed colleges require a very high percentage of marks, and most of the average students are left wondering what would happen to their career. They are either forced to enroll themselves in a college that usually isn’t very reputed and doesn’t have quality stuff, or pay a large amount as “donation” to get into the reputed colleges.

Not focused on students’ practical needs

Just because a student understands “alpha, beta, geometric things, and other such concepts” better, does it mean that they are capable enough of having a promising and rewarding job or career? This is quite a major problem too.

The base the Indian education system chooses for deciding students’ fate is far from being practical, or very useful when they are out in the real world. It’s quite a well-known fact that nowadays, companies are usually on the lookout for students who are skilled and perform well during an interview.

students’ practical needs

The exam marks, although important, aren’t a major factor when selecting employees, especially when it comes to non-professional courses.

Now though some of the other modern education courses such as Engineering, Chartered Accountancy, and so on, actually try preparing the students for the real world and imparts practical knowledge, the school and basic college education usually leaves a lot to be desired.

Distance education

This is also probably the reason distance education is growing increasingly popular in India. It offers a broad range of practical courses, which helps students do better in their careers.


Finally, we find it worthwhile to mention someone who has been working on improving some of the problems as mentioned above. Kartikeya Sharma NewsX, a passionate entrepreneur, has apparently been helping the Indian education system by spreading awareness about the benefits of distance education.


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