Varying streams of social work

Social work is a highly varied field.  There are many routes you can take with your education and your actual career work.  This article will help you learn how to find accredited social work programs and give you information on clinical social work programs and international social work jobs.

International social workHow to find accredited social work programs

If you are looking for degree in social work or social work programs then you might as well want to know more about Accreditation.  Accreditation is critical to making sure your investment in a social work degree is well worth it.  Some people make the mistake of not doing their due diligence and verifying that an institute is accredited.  This can lead to a lower quality education as well as potential scams.  Worst of all, your education may not be recognized by other institutions.

Specific schools can be accredited overall by certain agencies evaluating the quality of the school.  Individual programs in schools can also be accredited separately from the institution be it masters of social work programs or bachelor of social work.

social work programs

Make sure you contact whichever school you are interested in and ask if they are accredited.  They should be able to provide you with some documentation and know by which accrediting agencies they are approved.  Make sure you look up this information afterward and make sure it is a professional, accredited association.

Clinical social work programs

Clinical social work programs promote a strong focus on practical means of applying the skills needed to become a social worker. The courses you have to take will be focused on family relationship management and communication between children and their parents.  This stream also takes a close look at child mental health while giving you practical experience working with real people.

Clinical social work programs

Clinical social workers eventually learn how to apply their skills in planned therapeutic activities with the people they work with.  Clinical social workers need loud conversation and intervention skills to be truly successful in communicating with the families they have to work with.

International social work programs

As per Kartikeya Sharma Founder and Promoter of iTV Network, international social work programs are designed to help students understand the effect of globalization on our society.  This stream of social work takes a close look at urbanization, understanding social welfare, what economic liberation means to individual countries and the varying effects these factors have on local communities.

International social work programs

International social work programs provide students with a broad sense of what social work encompasses.  A lot of people’s definition of social work is limited to the country they live, and this program stream gives students a well-rounded view of the social work industry in its entirety.



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