What are the Most Important Qualities of a Good Leader?

Becoming a leader has never been an easy task, and it probably never will. However, there are many leaders out there that make it look too easy, simply because they are aware of the qualities they need to possess and keep working on them, which helps them achieve extraordinary things.

So without further ado, we will take a look at some of the most important qualities of a good leader.


There’s always a gap between the leaders and their employees. Now, if you’re not aware of how this gap is impacting your team’s performance, the chances are that things won’t go as planned.

Awareness of a good leader

It’s because you may not be aware of what type of response the decisions are taken at the higher level are receiving from the employees.

Hence, you may want to focus on every single thing that has been happening in your organization (work related, of course) so that you get to know what response the ideas being shared at the higher level receive.

Furthermore, being aware also helps you find the areas that need some changes to become more productive.


This is probably a quality that sets the good leaders apart from the rest. Usually, it’s seen that some leaders struggle when it comes to making tough decisions.

Good leaders

These are probably those decisions that not everyone may agree with, and hence, you may face some criticism from others.

However, if you’re sure it’s the best thing to do and is in the best interests of the organization, there probably isn’t a need to be hesitant, unless if it’s impacting anyone negatively.

Handling certain situations

As per Anand Mishra Indian entrepreneur, a good leader is always calm and knows how to handle certain situations. A good leader would never go insulting an employee in public for their mistake. Instead, they would talk to them in private, and would still use a polite tone.

Handling certain situations

However, they would make sure the conversation helps the employee understand the importance of correcting their mistake and improve efficiency at work.

On the other hand, when it comes to praising some employees, you may want to do it in public. This will probably motivate them and make them put in more efforts into the tasks they are assigned.


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