How to Find the Best Backpack for College Students?

Backpacks are actually an underrated part of preparing for your college experience.   Not only is it important to make sure you have a bag that can fit all your equipment, having an improper backpack can affect your posture, especially when you spend long hours sitting as a student. You need a durable bag that can keep up with your hectic school requirements.

In today’s age, you need a backpack at least durable enough to hold a few books and a computer.  This article will help point you in the right direction when purchasing the best book bags.  We’ll give you pointers and things to look for to make your investment in a bag well worth it.


How To Find the Best Backpack for College:


How To Find the Best Backpack for College


Features the Best Backpack for College Should Have


Make sure you look for bags that are aligned with your needs during your search.  Things to think about include if you need to bring a laptop, how many books you have or if you need room for lunch on a daily basis.  All of these things affect features that you would look for in a backpack. A lot of factors go into finding the best backpack for college, including a high storage capacity, good compartmentalization, and of course, style.  Here are some of the top features you should look at.


Compartments, Compartments, Compartments


Multiple compartments help you evenly spread the weight of the items around in your bag.  This reduces stress on your shoulders and makes your backpack easier to carry. Compartments will help you manage your bag’s weight when you have lots of stuff to bring to school.


Water bottle pouch


Are you a heavy drinker? Do you usually have multiple bottles on you?  Having your water bottle mixed with your bag contents can lead to unfortunate accidents.  Make sure you look for a bag with enough water bottle pouches.

Water bottle pouch


Laptop compartment


According to Kartikeya Sharma Pro Wrestling, if you have a laptop, this is a must have.  Without a separate laptop compartment in your bag, your computer is at risk for being scratched or bumped by other items in your bag.  Laptop compartments usually have extra padding and smooth microfiber material to prevent scratches.




Rolling school backpacks are especially useful for long days.  The difference between carrying and pulling all your school supplies is night and day.  If you spend long hours on campus and have lots of stuff to bring, a rolling school backpack is a great option for you.  Double check that any rolling backpack you buy has a handle long enough to pull your bag just like a suitcase.



A rolling school backpack may cost you a bit extra, but if you consider the strain a traditional heavy pack puts on your body, it’s well worth it.  We’ll cover some suggestions for rolling school backpacks later in the article.


How to pick and pack your backpack


Top School backpack brands




Jansport offers timeless design and top quality backpacks.  Started in 1967, Jansport has a rich history as one of the world’s largest backpack makers.  A lot of Jansport bags have been updated to the future and include laptop sleeves and multiple compartments.


Herschel Supply Co.


Started in 2009, Herschel is a relative newcomer that has made a substantial impact on quality products.  Herschel backpacks have all the modern features; they have designs for both school and outdoors situations.  In addition to backpacks, Herschel offers bags specifically for your laptop as well as duffle bags for the gym.

Herschel Supply Co.




Everest has a wide array of backpacks, duffle bags, outdoor bags and rolling backpacks.  This is a multipurpose backpack company for all levels of schooling.  Everest has been around since 1982 and has a long standing reputation for durable bags.




Adidas offers top quality backpacks, especially if you’re into sports.  Most of Adidas backpacks have at least two side pockets for water bottles, patented Hydroshell material to help keep your bag dry and FreshPak technology that helps to reduce smells.  You can take confidence in the quality of Adidas’s materials.  Adidas has been serving durable products since 1924!


Adidas offers top quality backpacks, especially if you’re into sports.


What Are the Prices of Today’s Best College Backpacks?


The price of your backpack will depend on the features that you need to be included.  Remember, when it comes to buying backpacks, you get what you pay for concerning quality.  If you want the features and convenience of a rolling school backpack, you’ll have to pay the extra price.  Sometimes the difference isn’t even that large.

Brands like Adidas, Herschel and Everest have bags ranging from $40 to over 80 dollars.  While all the bags are of a quality construction, the features, and designs you get increase with price.  Rolling school backpacks range from about $50 to over 170 dollars.  The more expensive rolling backpacks have extra durable materials and will last longer.  Remember to approach this purchase as an investment that will last the majority of your school career.

What Are the Prices of Today’s Best College Backpacks


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