How To Build More Confidence With The English Language

English is well known to be a difficult language to pick up. There are so many different nuances to it that it is difficult for a non-native speaker to pick up on it easily. To really master the language, you should spend a lot of time talking to people in that language. Even then, your accent may still show through when you are speaking in English. It takes years for someone to get to the point where they can speak the language confidently. This is something that Kartikeya Sharma Pro Wrestling has experience dealing with and he has a few tips for you that will help you build more confidence when you are speaking English.

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Master Some Go-To Phrases

It’s always a good idea to know how to make small talk. When things die down, having a few go-to phrases that you can pull out to get the conversation going again is a great way to control the conversation and come off with more confidence. By memorizing these conversation starters, you will have everything you need to keep the conversation going as long as you want.

Ideally, you should try to memorize between 10 to 15 of these phrases. You can practice them until you get the pronunciation down perfectly. This will help you avoid any awkward moments where your friend is continually asking you to clarify what you are saying.

How to build confidence in speaking English

The best phrases to use will depend on the people you are around and your environment. To figure out what these phrases are, pay attention to what other people are using to start a conversation. Memorize these and you can start using them for your own conversations.

A few examples of phrases that you can use are to ask if they have any siblings, ask where they’re from and ask what their favorite hobbies are. From there, you can try and ask them to explain more about their lives. This is a great way to keep them talking so that you can get away with doing less talking.


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